A single point of contact

An account manager will assist you with all your questions about the Belgian public insurance system. Invalidity, maternity leave, missions abroad, etc.

Registration of new arrivals

Experts will personally guide your employees to ensure that they are legally compliant and insured by compulsory state insurance. Supplementary insurance, such as dental, hospitalisation and outpatient insurance, are optional.

Welcome to Belgium presentation

During this group presentation, your employees or clients will receive information on the operation of the Belgian health system: what to do when they go to the doctor's, the pharmacy and the hospital... How to apply for a reimbursement, etc.

Internal consultation sessions

We will visit your workplace for all employees who need to register or have questions about insurance in Belgium or their own insurance file. Our presence will be determined in accordance with the needs of your organisation.

Dedicated postbox

A postbox can be installed in your workplace so that employees can drop their claims. The postbox will be emptied once a week.

Business finder contract

We offer contracts to those who would like to be our intermediary. This means that you organise the insurance file for potential Business & Expats Health insurance clients and will be paid for each activated insurance file.

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