The fast, efficient welcome of a new employee into an organisation is the best and most rewarding way of integrating them into your team. Starting work at a new organisation not only requires a lot of adaptation, it also involves new benefits and new administrative formalities.

Thanks to Business & Expats Health insurance, it has never been so easy to manage the health insurance system of your employees. Simplify your work and offer your employees an additional service to welcome them into your business. Please complete the contact form without obligation.

Dedicated service for your business

  • A single, multilingual point of contact.
  • Competitive benefits and cover.
  • Expertise in international agreements and expatriate employees.
  • Fast, efficient processing and registration of new arrivals


  • National and international companies.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Temporary employment agencies.
  • International institutions (permanent representations and embassies).
  • Relocation agencies