Today, you benefit from your employer’s hospitalisation insurance. But tomorrow your situation may change:  change of career, dismissal, pension... For peace of mind in all circumstances, anticipate the future of your health. With Hospitalia Continuity, you continue to be insured. As soon as your employer's hospitalisation insurance ends, Hospitalia Continuity takes over with coverage by one of our Hospitalia insurance policies.

Why choose Hospitalia Continuity?

By subscribing to Hospitalia Continuity today, you will be covered by hospitalisation insurance, regardless of your age or state of health as soon as you are no longer insured by your employer.

You can activate our Hospitalia or Hospitalia Plus insurance without having to carry out a waiting period or complete a new medical questionnaire (as this will have already been completed when you join Hospitalia Continuity).

No extra premium when the time comes

In addition, as soon as one of our Hospitalia insurance policies takes over, you will avoid significant costs as you will not pay an additional premium due to your age. Your contribution is calculated according to your age at the moment when you joined Hospitalia Continuity and not your age at the moment when your employer’s insurance ends.

Reimbursements as soon as you register

Hospitalia Continuity also offers you additional reimbursements to those of your employer's insurance. As soon as you register, you receive a maximum of €50/day of hospitalisation for anything not covered by your current insurance (excess, etc.).

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